Natalia Barzilai has worked as a Costume Designer/ Assistant Costume Designer since 2014. She has a wide variety of credits from features and TV series, to commercials, award shows, music videos, and reality competition shows. She is mainly known for HBO Maxx's Legendary series, where she not only was the on camera illustrator but the Assistant Costume Designer and controlled all aspect of the wardrobe production behind the scenes.

Natalia was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She graduated with a degree in Musical Theater from The Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford. During her time there, in addition to her strenuous musical theater schedule, she spent a few hours a week working in the costume shop. After graduating she moved back to Los Angeles and started pursuing a career in Fashion. She attended Santa Monica College, where she studied fashion design, construction, and illustration. Natalia was hired as a PA by Stacey Battat for the film URGE, but soon was bumped up to the position of assistant costume designer. From there Natalia has been hired to work on a number of different productions in positions ranging from Costume Designer, Assistant costume Designer, Costume Supervisor, Illustrator, and Set Costumer.


Natalia is bicoastal, although her true base is Los Angeles CA. She is Los Angeles 892 and New York 764.

310.962.2291   barzilainatalia@gmail.com

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